Imagine being eight years old and never, ever, having to eat any healthy vegetables or fruit. Isn't this the majority of children today? Well, this story is about a young girl who is whisked away to live on her aunt's farm and unfortunately for Charlie, this aunt grows and sells fruit and vegetables for a living. The problem is this farm, along with all the surrounding farms and land, has been earmarked for purchase by a huge conglomerate corporation. No-one is aware of what is happening except for a mangy box of vegetables that just happen to talk.

Unfortunately the only way that the vegetables can get Charlie to hear what they overheard in the greenhouse is for Charlie to eat vegetables. This is going to be quite a task as she will not eat anything but burger and chips from the local fast food restaurant. Charlie really does not even know what vegetables are and any attempt by well meaning friends or neighbours has always been met with a sulking tantrum.

On this farm we have other factors that play a part in persuading Charlie to eat healthily. These are Twitch, a Border Collie that has been rescued from a neighbouring farm and also Jasper, who is a farm-born kitten. Now Twitch is aptly named as quite a few things happen when he has a 'twitch'. We also have Lawrence who is the farm's Land Rover that is quite grumpy when he wants to be.

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